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Iflyfish Launches New Fly Fishing Site
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Iflyfish Launches New Fly Fishing Site

by Leo Ruiu

Iflyfish Announces Launch of New Website

To all my fellow flyfishers and friends and corporate sponsors of iflyfish,


It gives me great pleasure to announce the launching of the Iflyfish new website (www.iflyfish.com.au)! Our website has been long due and over the past 5 months has seen us overcome some technical challenges, and the team within iflyfish has done a wonderful job of executing our plan to launch a global flyfishing portal and with the look and feel, but most importantly the functionality of the members community interface.


We invite your comments and feedback, as always. Please note, however, even though we have launched the site it is only the first stage with many more modules and content will be added in the coming months. In the coming months we ask that you get involved in the community to make this site a platform for flyfishers to share their experiences and to make new friends from all over the world.


Some things to note about the new Iflyfish website:


  • - The Site has been developed with a true web 2.0 interface meaning it will be be a true user generated web Site by allowing the community to interact with the site and other with other members
  • - A Flies database - where you can add or search your fly pattern recipes
  • - A Entomology database which in the coming months will be populated by some leaders in this field.
  • - A private but secure flyfishing Jounal or diary that will also have a native iphone APP and in the new year will be providing a App on the Android as well
  • - We also have a online forum that intergrates with your user ID
  • - In the coming months we will be adding new destination partners to provide some of the best locations for flyfishing from around the globe, whether it be a fishing Guide, Lodge, Hotel, or other service, iflyfish will endevour to promote accredited operators and also to let the community vote on the services provided by these operators.
  • - You can also write fishing reports on your favorite waters and have the community rate your report
  • - In the coming months we will be adding a private blog where a member can have their very own say or to self promote, adding a flyfishing Club section so you can interact with your favorite Fishing club
  • - 1st quarter 2011 we will be launching our online store where we have partnered with various manufactures and retail stores to bring you a state of the art online shopping experiance.
  • - We will be launching Iflyfish rewards where you will be able to redeem through our site and partners.


    The software that we have deployed to construct this website is rich with features, including secure member login, personal blog creation, article posting, and others. In the coming months as we launch the many new features and add more functionality, we will keep you informed and apprised.


    As always, we appreciate your comments, feedback, and suggestions. Thank you for your continuing support and interest in Iflyfish. So get involved in the building the worlds foremost destination for flyfishers and make it "your flyfishing Community"


    Best regards,

    Team Iflyfish


    November 15, 2010
    Category: Latest News